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Shangrila Mauritius – A Dream Vacation

When I think of paradise, I dream of palm trees lining white sandy beaches that meet the ocean’s crystal clear blue waters into an endless horizon of moody blue skies. During my recent trip to Mauritius I found myself in my paradise as I stepped into Shangri-La, which truly lives up to its namesake as a mystical location. I couldn’t believe that I had finally found my dream beach location and that it was all real! Honestly, I was...

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  • My home is in heaven, I am just a traveler through this world ♥. . .

The gates of heaven at Pura #lempuyang temple is also called the “Temple of 1000 steps” is located at summit of belibis and Mount lempuyang , it is one of the most famous instagram temples in Bali, which is around 3 hours drive from center of ubud , if you are some one who loves photography and a fan of #instatravel I highly recommend it .
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  • Living on the edge 🌎..
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  • “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Today I was reminded about the importance of traveling responsibly after seeing this beautiful art Installation named “5000 soles” entirely made from rubbish (mainly flip flops) washed up on Seminyak Beach Bali. .
What an amazing way to bring awareness to the hot button topic of ocean plastic pollution. . . .
I always believed that traveling is more than just sightseeing and finding pretty places to photograph which we all are guilty of , but we also need to travel responsibly so that others may enjoy these same places after we have passed through.

Are you traveling responsibly?
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  • Walking through life in like 50 degrees ☀️ 🙈. #dubaiproblems .
What’s temperature where you are ? 
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  • Only Last few days left to go for Ramadan this year, and if you haven’t been to any #ramadantent yet I highly recommend to try suhoor at courtyard by @ooroyalmirage .
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  • Half of the world celebrated #GlobalWellnessDay yesterday and half are celebrating today. And that got me thinking shouldn’t we celebrate our well-being everyday, by doing something special just for ourselves.
I feel there is much more to wellness than just being physically fit, especially in today’s world where 40% of people are suffering from stress, depression and anxiety. It’s so important to have balance between physical, mental and social wellbeing. Let’s learn to love our whole selves and enjoy the process. ♥ ♥
Wha does wellness means to you ? 
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  • It’s all about details 🌙 💫 ✨🌟
Beautiful Ramadan decoration @malloftheemirates ..
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  • It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream ...
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  • A real Desert oasis, and largest sand dunes in the world is just 2 hours scenic drive away from Abudhabi..
Have you been ? .
Dress and hat from @zara .
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  • Too many of us are living our fears and not our dreams..
What’s your biggest fear? 
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  • She’s got that girl boss hustle ♥.
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